Smashing Time!

Sometimes the budget tablets are much simpler to fix!

I recently had a customer with a budget Chinese tablet with a smashed screen and damaged digitizer (the bit that registers your fingers on the touch screen). I know this pain well with my own children!

I managed to find a replacement digitizer screen from the ubiquitous AliExpress for a really good price and after deliver set about on the repair.

For all of the complaints people have about budget tablet, this was so much easier to repair than other more premium tablets! It was simple to remove the screen, the back panel and the connecting ribbon to the motherboard and replace and only took around 30 minutes in total.

After checking the screen was responding properly the tablet was re-assembled. I was particularly impressed that the whole process involved no screws!

So the take home of this….

Don’t bin your broken tablets – they might be easily (and cheaply) repaired!

If you have a smashed screen why not check if HAS can repair before you throw away your tablet.

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