Parental Filters

Ever wanted to just switch off your kids internet?

A few years ago I invested in Ubiquiti’s Unifi Access Points to provide house-wide wireless internet access in my home. Whilst this prosumer/commercial system is overkill for most people’s needs, it is a fantastic, rock steady and surprisingly affordable system which is centrally controlled through their own UI.

Unifi’s Controller UI

I already have my children’s WIFI access on a separate guest network and scheduling on the availability of the WIFI access for bedtimes for example. I also use the (excellent and free) Google Family Link software installed on their devices to effectively “block” the whole device at bedtime. Combined, these pieces software give a fairly granular level of control over devices but it can take multiple level of menus to block a device’s internet access “on the fly”…

And that’s the crux of the issue – sometime you just want to be able to immediately shut off their internet access

So, I started looking into the automation software I use at home, called un-surprisingly – Home Assistant! I won’t go into details in this post as Home Assistant is a rabbit warren of potential, but in one of their integrations is the Ubiquiti Unifi integration. There is a great guide here to set this up.

This allows you to make the internet access of a single or group of devices effectively a switch

Now, if I need my children’s total attention, or they need to take a break, or I’m feeling a bit mean 😈 I can just switch off their internet access with the click of a button!

I love technology! 😁

If all this sounds a little too complicated… Why not call HAS today on 07867697464 or click below and let us take the hassle out of expanding your storage.

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